About Cyprus as a cycling destination

Cyprus is an island country in the Eastern Mediterranean and it is the third largest island in the Mediterranean. It is located between latitudes 34° and 36° N, and longitudes 32° and 35° E.

The physical relief of the island is dominated by two mountain ranges, the Troodos Mountains and the smaller Kyrenia Range, and the central plain they encompass, the Mesaoria. The Troodos Mountain range is covered in forests and has a peak altitude of 2000m. It has an extensive road network (both paved and unpaved) that travels visitors through scenic villages, Byzantium monasteries, Venetian river Bridges and many Greek cities ruins. It also has same amazing single tracks for every level of rider. The Troodos Mountain Range is also the home of Mouflon, a wild Goat resembling a dear.

The Island has a Mediterranean Climate which means mild rainy winters and hot summers. Fall, spring and winter make the best time to cycle with nice temperatures and very little rain.  

The above make it an ideal playground for cycling and especially MTB Cycling. This is why many elite athletes and Teams choose it to train or compete in international races organized by the Cyprus Cycling Federation.

In order to show the world this amazing beauty, Across The Island was created. It is an Epic challenge deigned to give the best Cyprus MTB experience in 3 days.


Email the following form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register for the 2019 Cyprus Epic Challenge.