The following are the race rules of participation for Across the Island 2019:
    1. 4 day race
    2. Teams of 2 or 3 riders
    3. Athletes must be older than the age of 18 at the start of the race
    4. Teams must start together and finish within a maximum difference of 5 minutes between each rider, except from the final day
    5. The final day race is an individual race, and riders can race for individual times
    6. The first 3 teams per day are awarded with Metals and the first team is also awarded with a Trophy and Yellow Jerseys
    7. The Leading team has to wear the Yellow jerseys on the next day race
    8. Teams must complete all 4 days
    9. There will be 2 feed stops per day. Time is taken at each feed zone.
    10. Team members must be at feed zones with a max difference of 5 minutes
    11. The Team’s time is the time of the last team member
    12. The Team’s Time of the final day is the average time of Team members
    13. The overall Winning team is the team with the lowest overall time of the 4 days
    14. In the event that the race is stopped due to extreme weather conditions the Time considered as finish time, is the time at the last feed stop
    15. In the event of a DNF due to a mechanical failure on one team member, the team’s time is the time of the last Team that finished, plus 30 minutes penalty if the failure occurred before the first feed zone and 15 minutes before the second.  For this rule to apply the riders must inform the organization about the issue immediately and an event representative will reach the team and inspect the issue
    16. Riders are only allowed to race riding a MTB. The organization encourages the use of cross country Mountain Bikes (HT or FS) but any type of MTB is allowed. E-bikes are also welcome but race in a separate category
    17. Teams or their representative must follow the race briefing that will be given every day after the race
    18. The Riders must have their race numbers at the front of their bikes and on their jerseys all the time
    19. Athletes are allowed to have external support at the Start/Finish and feed zone areas only
    20. The race is conducted off – road except in some parts that there is no rideable connection otherwise. Caution should be taken from other users of the road network
    21. Each team shares a room


Email the following form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register for the 2019 Cyprus Epic Challenge.