Our ride to Panagia Tis Agapis

Choirokitia - Vavatsinia

  • Distance

    60 KM

  • Elevation

    1700 M

  • Max Grade

    18 %

  • Duration

    5 HOURS
  • Starting Location



Panagia Tis Agapis

A small chapel on the north of the village of Vavla is dedicated to Panagia tis Agapis (Our Lady of Love). It is the only church in Cyprus as well as in the entire world that exists with this name.

The icon of Panagia Tis Agapis is dated in the 16th century A.D and it has the ability to perform miracles. It is said that if a girl does not get response from the one she loves, then she goes to the small chapel and gets some sand from it that is found behind the aisle. She should throw this sand secretly into his coffee and if he drinks it, then everything changes. He falls in love with her and in a small period of time he takes her to church as his bride.


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