Our ride to Troodos

Kakopetria - Troodos

  • Distance

    48 KM

  • Elevation

    1600 M

  • Max Grade

    15 %

  • Duration

    5 HOURS

  • Starting Location




Troodos is the largest mountain range in Cyprus, located in roughly the center of the island. Its highest peak is Mount Olympus, also known as Chionistra at 1,952 meters.The Troodos mountain range stretches across most of the western side of Cyprus. There are many mountain resorts, Byzantine monasteries, and churches on mountain peaks, and nestling in its valleys and mountains are villages clinging to terraced hills. The area has been known since antiquity for its mines, which for centuries supplied copper to the entire Mediterranean. In the Byzantine period it became a centre of Byzantine art, as churches and monasteries were built in the mountains, away from the threatened coastline.

The name Troodos probably comes from one of two sources: either "tria odos", referring to the three roads that lead to the mountain, or "to-oro-ados", meaning the mountains of Adonis.

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