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I would like to welcome everyone to the SMBC Team technical article area. This is the first of a series of articles that is aimed at amateur cyclists and children that are new to cycling and want to progress to the level of an experienced rider or even a racer. The aim is to have a new article every 2 weeks on different bike disciplines and aspects ranging from simple things such us how to maintain a bike, up to advance subjects such as race training tips and nutrition tips.

The above will be explained in a simple manner without getting into confusing details and any further questions would be answered. Please email us your comments, questions or things that you would like know. We promise to reply shortly and write an article at a letter time.

All articles will be written or approved by a UCI Level 2 certified coach registered at the Cyprus Cycling Federation.

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As mentioned above we promise to reply shortly and if possible write an article. Join our team for more extensive information and practical cycling lessons


Coach Chris

UCI Level 2 Coach
CCF certified instructor


Anatomy of a Mountain Bike

Fig.1 Anatomy of Mountain Bike (Image by Wikimedia Commons)

The bike is a simple and cheap mean for transportation and leisure. It is used from people of all ages and genders. The design is very simple compromised by 2 triangles that make the frame, a set of 2 wheels and a fork. It also has a seat and a handlebar for steering. All these are shown in more detail Fig. 1.

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Basic Bike Fitting

Fig. 1

When we decide to start cycling either for recreation or to improve our health we often end up in a bike shop looking at bikes and wondering what is the right frame size? Usually despite the advice of bike shop personnel, we end up getting a larger bike frame due to cosmetic reasons. This though will have a big impact in our ability to ride and could cause injuries.

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Teaching children how to ride a bicycle without stabilizers

Fig. 1 - Wheel measurement

In this article we will be instructing parents how to teach children to ride without stabilizers (training wheels). This article applies to parents that decided to use a traditional bike instead of a balanced bike. There are many teaching methods but this is the most efficient one.

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